Everyone will admit, Gordon Setters are beautiful dogs. While some may like the 'natural' shaggy look, most fall in love with a Gordon that they have seen in the past--usually a groomed Gordon. The following is a brief example of the grooming that a Gordon would require. A show Gordon of course would need a lot more, and techniques will vary as to styles in grooming a show dog. But here are some everyday pet Gordon grooming basics:

Left to grow, Gordon Hair can get pretty long and curly.

Gordons should be brushed and combed regularly to eliminate mats.
A grooming table saves strain on your back.

The top of the head and ears (top) are shaved using either a No.10
blade going with the hair or a No. 7 1/2 blade going against the hair.
Show dogs are eithered stripped or cut with thinning shears.

Lips and face are clipped

The neck under the chin is also clipped.

The neck is clipped down to the breast bone.

Top and underneath of ears are clipped, leaving the bottom of the ear

Back and side of neck are thinned with thinning shears or stripped with a stripper.

Back is also striped with a blade stripper or thinned with thinning shears

Same with base of tail, giving the dogs back and neck a thin smooth look.

Keeping paws clipped is a must, as the hair on a Gordon's feet can act like sponges picking up dirt and water

Don't forget the hair in between the toes!

Also, a quick trim of the hair on the back legs will also reduce
mud and water being tracked into the house

And Voilá! A beautiful Gordon!